Mark Littlewood discusses back-to-work schemes with BBC R2's Jeremy Vine

The Government has introduced new rules to allow back-to-work schemes to continue following the Court of Appeal ruling that they breach forced labour laws. Mark Littlewood appeared on BBC Radio 2 to discuss the issue.

“The principles of the scheme I heartily applaud. The purpose of welfare is to provide some temporary support but to try to get people who are able-bodied and able to work into the workplace,” stated Mark Littlewood.

Mr Littlewood argued that taxpayers are entitled to expect that those relying on taxpayer money are taking every possible course of action to find a work or training.

The idea that corporations are the only beneficiaries of back-to-work schemes is untrue as there is plenty of evidence of the unemployed moving from benefits and into full-paid private employment.

“The overarching principle is a good one and I think it stands every chance of success,” Mark Littlewood concluded.

Listen to the full programme here. Segment starts at 14.50.