Ruth Porter writes for Conservative Home

Recently I read an article entitled something along the lines of: “What is the point of Labour?”. Well, quite.

No amount of spin can change the fact that at the time of the next election the national debt will stand somewhere around the heady heights of £1.5 trillion (if you include liabilities like pensions, it’s much higher, over £5 trillion). Even with short-term growth improving slightly, the UK is in for a tough time of it. The challenges we face are immense. Against this backdrop pollsters are now talking about how voters see Ed Miliband as “weak”.

People are feeling the squeeze of stagnant wages and rising prices for fuel, energy, housing, food and childcare, amongst other items. The structure of the NHS and its poor productivity is being brought under the spotlight as more scandals emerge. On top of all this it is hard to get through even a week in Westminster without yet another think tank report coming out looking at how demographic changes are compounding all these challenges pushing up the welfare bill and making our current funding model for healthcare look unsustainable.

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