The IEA is featured in The Telegraph and Huffington Post

Comments made by Andrew Sentance at the IEA’s 31st State of the Economy Conference were in The Telegraph and The Huffington Post. The economist, who used to be on the Monetary Policy Comittee and is now a senior economic advisor to PWC, commented that the second and third round’s of the Bank of England’s quantitative easing programme during 2011 and 2012, may have hindered the economy growth. He argued that these policies were not designed to be used for a protracted period of time.

Mr Sentance also commented on current interest rates, arguing that families and business could be forced to suffer an interest “shock” in the future if a period of gradual rise of interest rates is not followed immeditely. He argued that the Bank of England has already ‘wasted six months’ by pursuing forward guidance.

You can read the full articles here (The Telegraph) and here (Huffington Post).