The Sunday Times reports on the launch of the IEA's Brexit Prize

The Sunday Times reported on the IEA’s Brexit Prize.

The crowd was addressed by Nigel Lawson, former chancellor and the high priest of the Brexit movement. Lawson is chairing the prize panel, which includes the royal historian David Starkey and Roger Bootle, the economist who won last year’s £250,000 Wolfson prize for coming up with the best plan to dismantle the eurozone. Also present were Stuart Wheeler, the UKIP treasurer, and the economist Ruth Lea. This is the Brexit aristocracy.

Lawson believes Britain has not done enough serious thinking on what the implications of a Brexit would be, and the prize will help to “focus the minds” of the nation on this very real possibility. “If there is going to be a referendum, then it’s very important the issue is debated,” he says.

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