Ruth Porter appears on ITV Daybreak

A recent Eastlands Housing Association advert suggests that residents living in 8,000 former council homes should start budgeting properly if hit by new cuts in housing benefit.

Ruth Porter from the Institute of Economic Affairs appeared on Daybreak stating that the budgeting advice was ‘commendable’.

She explained: “I think the housing association in this situation was right to apologise probably for the wording which was slightly careless, but the basic idea that we need to look more carefully at how we budget, and we need to talk more as a society about it, I think is actually quite a sensible thing to put out there.

“And the fact that the housing association was saying look, you’re about to find that the amount of money that you’ve got to survive on is going to be squeezed, and we’re happy to give you budgeting advice, I think was actually a very commendable thing.”

Read the Daily Mail article here and watch the ITV interview in full here. Segment starts at 1:14.56.