Steve Davies talks to BBC News Look North

The proposed “bedroom tax” has generated heated debate throughout the country.

“Strictly speaking it’s a reduction in benefits if you have spare bedrooms in the house,” argues Steve Davies.

Dr Davies states that this is a “small but necessary measure” dealing with two problems:

  1. The sheer level of housing benefit.

  2. The mismatch between housing stock and the population requiring housing.

“What they’re trying to do is get the housed population better matched up with the stock,” argues Steve Davies.

“This is not a perfect measure. I don’t say or claim that this is actually a real solution to the big problem we have or an ideal measure but it is on balance going to bring benefits so it’s worth doing.”

Dr Davies went on to say that a real solution to the problem would be to build more housing stock.

Watch the full interveiw here.Segment starts at 12.14.