Ruth Porter writes for The Daily Telegraph

It seems it is hard for politicians to resist the temptation to centrally plan, but this is exactly what the Chancellor must do if he is to deliver the growth he so badly needs in the economy.

There are three keys to him succeeding – spending reductions, deregulation and tax reform. He must surely know this, but it seems he is struggling to act on it. The only way that growth will come is through the private sector delivering it and for the private sector to do so the Government must get out of its way and give it the freedom to develop. It should not be news to anyone that business leaders and investors know better than politicians and civil servants what is a good project and what is not.

But Osborne is displaying worrying traits of control freakery ahead of next week’s Autumn Statement. Three of the worst ideas for generating growth that have been trailed ahead of it are: so-called “credit easing”, Government guiding and incentivising of private sector investment and Government-backed housing deposits.

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