Richard D North appears on BBC1's The Big Questions

Richard D. North appeared on The Big Questions discussing the current civil case in which EDF Energy is suing a group of environmental protesters for damage.

“These people were pursuing direct action. The whole point of that is to force an issue when you’ve got tired of discussing it. They are fully enfranchised citizens in a great democracy that actually rather wisely is going for gas as against coal and this power station was a move in that direction,” argued Mr North.

“These are fully enfranchised people who decided to inflict economic damage very carefully. That economic damage hurts the economy. The economy is not in great shape and they’re hurting their fellow citizens because they’re tired of making an argument which they keep losing. What they did was wrong and suable.”

Mr North went on to argue that by causing economic damage to EDF Energy, they are not only damaging the economy but also anyone who has shares or a pension invested in the company.

Watch the full episode here. Segment starts at 7.30.