Ruth Porter writes for City AM

Our political climate currently mirrors our economic situation – bleak and shockingly uninspiring. At a recent breakfast for business leaders in London, a veteran newspaper journalist spoke of the challenge faced across the West as one of “unpopular governments and unconvincing oppositions.” The polls in Britain bear this out.

A ComRes poll for the Independent last night put Labour’s lead at just 3 per cent, with just one in five saying that Miliband has what it takes to be Prime Minister. Only 23 per cent are clear on what Ed Miliband stands for, according to an earlier survey. Trustworthiness is as big an issue for the Labour leader as it is for David Cameron. And nearly 65 per cent of Labour voters believe that Miliband’s more centrist brother, David, would have made a better leader.

To win, Labour must find an appealing message. It needs a vision and Miliband has to convince the public to fall behind him. That is the challenge of the Labour conference this week.

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