BBC Radio 5 Live interviews Philip Booth

Speaking to Drive Time on BBC Radio 5 Live, Philip Booth spoke about the government’s policy to cut aid to India by 2015 and argued that the UK does not need to increase aid payments.

Debating a spokesman from the Oversees Development Institute, Philip Booth argued that many solutions to India’s problems are the fault of the Indian government that spends £30billion a year on their military, whilst developing a space programme. Providing aid to India develops an imperialistic attitude, Philip Booth stated, that suggests the UK does not think the Indian government are spending their money on the right things.

In the long term, there should be a hope that countries that are less dependent on foreign aid will be more accountable to their people, in terms of tax and spending, rather than aid agencies.

Whilst there are some aid projects in India that remain worthwhile, any UK policy of attaching targets to increased aid payments is misguided and does not help the poorest people.

Listen here. Segment starts at 2:43.00.