The IEA talk to Radio 5 Live

Mark Littlewood and Steve Davies were interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Live in response to a proposed salary cap in English football.

Mark Littlewood told 5 Live that it was too late to cap wages. TV revenues have created a huge increase in capital due to the demand for services such as Sky Sports. If a player is generating large profits for his club, then it is only fair that he reaps the rewards, and not the already wealthy owners, Littlewood argued.

Appearing on the Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 5 Live, Steve Davies pointed out that any regulations in terms of footballer’s salary would not affect the top teams already reaping the benefits of Champions League football. Instead, he said, it would affect the ability of a challenging club to break the dominance of the top teams in England. Whilst it is a good idea that teams spend within their means, it is important that this is a voluntary scheme and not imposed by government regulation.

Listen to Mark Littlewood here (segment starts at 17.00), and Steve Davies here (segment starts at 2:43.30)