Ruth Porter writes for The Daily Telegraph

The first rule of an effective campaign is to be clear about your key message. David Cameron needs to make his mind up – either business is intrinsically a social good or it’s not.

Yesterday his speech was all over the place, literally: “…from the welfare schemes in Joseph Rowntree’s factories to the housing for workers at Port Sunlight.” We heard that business “can help us to smash poverty, raise horizons, drive the innovations, products, services that make our lives better, longer and happier”. All of which is of course true.

But predictably the focus was on the peripheral benefits business can offer, things like the skills it develops in workers, the volunteers it can provide and the community projects it can sponsor. These are of course good things but they are not the heart of the issue. The main point about business is that it is worthy in and of itself – and it is this point that Cameron needs to be making over and over again.

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