Nick Hayns writes for the Yorkshire Post

Fair Trade is everywhere. All the big brands have bought into it and in some supermarkets certain products can only be purchased in their Fair Trade incarnation.

We coffee-lovers get to enjoy our daily fix and, by paying more than for a standard brew, a premium is apparently paid to a poor producer in the developing world. In addition, we get to feel a tad virtuous and maybe even a little smug. It is surely, in simple terms, a “good thing”. However, take a peek behind the rhetoric and look at the actual outcomes, and the picture is not quite so clear.

The first thing to be tackled is the premium. That extra 40p you pay for the Fair Trade version of your skinny decaf cap? Fair Trade promoters, outside of wholly inadequate case studies, have never demonstrated how much of the additional price reaches producers, and even analysts sympathetic to the movement suggest that only 25 per cent will make its way through.

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