Mark Littlewood writes for the Daily Mail's RightMinds blog

The Australians may just have got Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, off the hook. They have just become the first country in the supposedly ‘free world’ to insist on the plain packaging of tobacco products.

Well, the packaging won’t really be plain. Printed on a muddy, murky green background will be government health warnings along with ghoulish images of diseased body parts and the terminally ill taking up three quarters of the available space. What will not be on the pack will be any colourful images from the tobacco companies, merely the name of the particular brand in very small print.

The grim green background shade has been especially selected as it is the colour which consumers apparently find the most unappealing. It was originally described as ‘olive green’ by Aussie politicians until those involved in the business of producing and selling olives vociferously complained.

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