Richard Wellings talks to BBC Radio London

Richard Wellings has opposed the idea that there should be a two tiered-tax system for motorways and smaller A or B-roads. It had been suggested that the government were planning reforms that would see motorway users paying more tax than non-motorway users.

In a discussion on BBC Radio London, Richard Wellings said that the current tax levied on road users was already deeply unfair. He pointed out that motorists pay £35billion a year in road and fuel tax, yet only £8billion is spent on the roads.

Any tax that encouraged road users to use smaller A and B-roads would also cause major safety risks, Wellings argued. Britain’s back-roads are statistically far more dangerous than the motorways and any system that incentivised drivers to opt out of using the motorways was a stupid and crude idea.

Listen here. Segement starts at 1:03.05