2 thoughts on “Ignore the self-publicists – nobody has been “vindicated” by coronavirus”

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    Peter Hitchens of the Mail on Sunday has shown a quite impressive degree of foresight on this issue. Not a rabid anti-capitalist but still. Consequently, I find it quite surpsising how little air time he has gotten – especially re the BBC which, in itsef, constitutes another nail in the coffin of BBC impartiality as far as I am concerned.

    Certainly at the end of it all Peter will be fully entitled to declare “I told you so”.

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    Was this article written as an example of how not to make an argument? It seems to contain just about every BTL rookie error along with a fair amount of disinformation. So …’whenever you looked up the actual publications of any of these wannabe Cassandras, you would invariably find that they had not “predicted” anything’ Really? Roubini? Pettifor? And what about Peter Schiff’s 2007 book, Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse. Not even a raving leftie, that one. Then a touch of the ad hominens with a dig at Monbiot and Mason, but without any examples, you’ll notice. A splash of exaggerating for effect with the not very funny line about maoist students. Some serious straw man stuff then, with a made-up rant which not surprisingly the author finds it easy to knock down..And then some fairly uncontentious bits about the difficulty in making policy, but nothing in the way of answers. And finally: ‘The truth is coronavirus has caught pretty much everyone off-guard and nobody should pretend otherwise.’ Seriously? Scientists have been predicting it for years!

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