7 thoughts on “If Scandinavia is a socialist paradise, so is Britain”

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    Interesting comparison but if net social expenditure is similar in the UK and the Nordic countries then why do the Nordic countries have significantly higher tax burdens-what are they spending this extra money on? Not defence I would imagine?

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    As you know, this “what about Sweden” is the most sticky comeback , in my opinion, hauled out by leftist to induce us and themselves into government intrusion. I have heard many rebuttals from very well schooled individuals on the right try to argue that the Scandinavian countries are not really socialist, and it is usually tortuous. Much too involved to effectively use in a face to face discussion with a political opponent. The easy response I hear is, “Well, whatever that is, that’s what we should do”, and government intrusion in these countries are a hallmark of what they stand for. Your above comments may be correct, and I believe that they are, but very ineffective in a verbal knife fight. You and your right thinking companions at iea would earn tremendous kudos from we working stiffs if you would articulate a reasonable, but pithy rejoinder to these naïve/nefarious collectivist on this point. This, in my opinion, would do the most to halt this creeping move to the left that we are experiencing in the US ,GB and the West in general. This, right here, is where we need you. Please help us all before its too late.

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    Mike’s appeal for help lies, perhaps, in the question posed by John. The UK achieves very similar levels of net welfare (emphasise the net) but without those high taxes.

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    Fantastic article!

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    UK has a Labour Party functioning like US Democracts forcing the hand of the Conservatives/Republicans to redistribute wealth to create nanny state & bigger welfare burden. Labour/Democracts like it when the general population is reliant on them and less independent – both want to crush Capitalism & usher in Socialism-borderline Communism and get others to pay for it

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    Why would you exclude Norway for it’s oil wealth when in a comparison with the UK?

    The North sea was split fairly evenly between the two nations for oil. The UK privatisation approach was less sucessful than Norway with more state involvement and investment.

    Surely this makes Norway more applicable for comparison than the rest of scandinavia, particularly when trying to make points about socialism…

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    Oil was (quite properly) split between Norway and UK. But Norway has <1/12th the UK population.

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