3 thoughts on “IEA Debate: Is a German-style social insurance system for social care the way to go?”

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    Isn’t the German system very similar to that proposed by Beveridge, though not implemented?

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    Dear Professor Philip

    I would like to speak to you on the Theory that the “rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer”(now refuted in the UK) as carried on IEA website recently, hence the need for an extensive social care net.

    I have worked for the Ministry of Finance (Sri Lanka – SL) and their Treasury for a few years and find this to be totally true in that context. I would like to understand the co-relation if any- of the UK / German model to the SL context. Is it possible to speak to you briefly or one of your colleagues in the IEA to get some guidance and support here.

    Merely to introduce myself for the present, I have attached my LinkedIn contact;

    Looking forward very much to hearing from you or one of your colleagues/ juniors

    Thanks & Regards,
    Dr Rajan Sara

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    Happy to chat to you. I cannot do so until after 12th August, but would be delighted to do so after than. Perhaps send me an email to [email protected] and we can sort out a time

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