3 thoughts on “HS2 won’t help the government meet its climate change goals”

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    Tell Luke that this is a great piece, so good in fact I didn’t read it and went straight to the feedback box to tell him about how great it is.

    God Save The Queen

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    Even HS2 only claimed to be carbon neutral when that was the buzzword. But the cost has tripled since then. More cost means more work means more emissions. HS2 is a shameless polluter.

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    Good to read this, although the main climate setback of HS2 has been overlook … the Gov aren’t challenging the ruling against Heathrow’s expansion because HS2 enables the airport expansion to take place elsewhere … why else would Boris point out to his chums in his HS2 approval speech that they’ll be able to get to Birmingham Airport quicker than they can currently get to Heathrow(?) … and then there’s Manchester and Leeds airports to expand too, both served by HS2 … we’ve had the Gatwick and Heathrow Express trains for decades … now here comes the Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds Express … that’s HS2 … see HS2Rebellion.org

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