2 thoughts on “How the NHS religion is turning us against each other”

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    You can’t win. I live in Colombia and today’s news is about waiting times in Emergency and why do these patients not see a GP first? I get wonderful treatment in Colombia- for leptospirosis , diverticulosis, diabetes, Dupuytrens. We all pay in our contributions, there is competition. The state has to top up with general tax transfers.lots of private health insurance. But universal coverage ( pretty basic). Never enough. But I love Colombia’s health services

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    The central problem for the right is they are continually on the dwfensive.
    The only way to win this argument is to continually lead with “Why do you think the British deserve a worse health service than the Skandis/French Germans etc”
    It’ll take a while, but the only way to win is to change the terrain by continually harping on why the left don’t think the British deserve 1st world health care. At the moment the left ar winning the cultural war and keeping Britain locked into a 2nd world health care system. (Question for Kristian – How many Austrians would like to move to an NHS from their current system?)
    There will be a lot of backsliding types with phrases like thats not a hill I want to die on or its a national religion. Probably just as well Farage and the ERG didn’t suffer from similar fatalism.

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