2 thoughts on “How the housing crisis has created a generation of socialists”

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    You make a very good argument, Kris, and I suspect that you are right.

    My proposal would be to introduce a planning presumption in favour of residential buildings of up to and including 4 or 5 storeys – to stop councils insisting on toytown low rise developments that use land inefficiently. Then I would gradually introduce a land value tax element into the Council Tax so that Council Tax bills become relatively lower for multi-storey land-efficient properties, so that buyers are incentivised to demand such properties.

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    OK, so the planning system doesn’t work terribly well.
    NIMBYs are always blamed, yet they are often experts in the local conditions.
    Builders don’t build on land they own unless it suits them. And then they build a few houses at a time. I’m thinking here of the time we had Regional Building policies whereby Local Authorities had to plan for their regional allocation. That all took a lot of time. But the builders didn’t start work for many years. And then only built a few hundred houses at a time. So, the greenfield site for 30,00 houses looked is still uncompleted 12 years later.
    Maybe the planning appeals are to blame – too slow, with no time limits.

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