1 thought on “How about a ‘No Deal Plus’ Brexit?”

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    I strongly agree that “no deal plus” is a more sensible way of thinking about the world, to me that has a few implications
    1. businesses appear to be lobbying on what they want in a deal (transitional or permanent), more useful would be to lobby on what the UK can unilaterally do to change its laws
    2. on the implementation issues of moving to a new regime, the UK should really focus on simple rules and that will make the implementation less likely to go wrong. [Which would also be great in reducing the cost of doing business]
    3. An explicit recognition in the legislation of the tradeoff in mistakes. e.g. on citizenship for EU nationals who are here, the mistake of giving someone citizenship they don’t qualify for is very different to the mistake of denying them. A quicker cheaper process with a higher error rate is also often a better choice than a slower, costly more accurate process. This has to be written into the law given civil servants much prefer to make the 2nd mistake to the 1st. There has been some recognition of this in the head of customs giving evidence and saying it is better to have some goods imported from europe without the right paperwork, than to have huge queues and delays on imports.

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