4 thoughts on “From the gender pay gap to the minimum wage to executive pay – the politicisation of pay must end”

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    Why 2 rates of minimum wage? Same work should = same pay regardless of age.

    As seen, the enforced living wage has resulted in some firms reducing shift allowances, overtime premiums and other perks like subsidised food, gym memberships etc making people worse off than they were before the living wage.

    Why should higher earners be punished by more tax? As a country our tax levels are already far too high.

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    Most of the replies posted here are garbage.

    Please remove ASAP!

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    peter you are right. please admin remove this post ASAP

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    It is certainly true in real circumstances I am aware of that the last increase in the minimum wage lead to contract renewals that resulted in staff working longer hours, due to losing perks like getting changed time, for less pay despite the increase! That was in the private sector that acts quickly. It is certainly true that outsourcing has lead to a decrese in females in one public sector role I know of where an outsourced role in a roughly 50/50 to slightly more women area is now 6 to 1 men through a totally market driven agency.

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