3 thoughts on “Free movement after Brexit: a lost cause?”

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    Good piece especially the focus on a politically sellable policy.

    Is it historic ties or similar gdp/capita that makes free movement acceptable? (given UK gdp/capita there are several countries that are richer than the UK where open borders would seem an easy choice – e.g. japan).

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    My vote to Leave had little to do with ending free movement. In fact, knowing it would end nearly tipped me over to Remain until I remembered the important question: Should Britain be a subordinate of a supreme government for Europe? The answer to that is very easy. No.

    I think we should keep free movement, but it has to be sensible. Come and work, but you’re on your own. That means no in or out of work benefits, no social housing, and perhaps pay a healthcare surcharge for up to five years or until tax and NI contributions reach a certain amount.

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    Hello. And Bye.

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