Zeroing in: the UK’s energy policy with Bruno Prior

The UK’s energy policy seems geared towards a future focused – at least in part – on renewables. Some environmentalists have claimed that renewable energy is now, or soon will be, cheaper than fossil fuels. Is this true? Could the UK get close to 100% of its energy needs from renewable sources? What are the obstacles?

Joining Syed Kamall, IEA Research Director, to discuss these themes is Bruno Prior. Bruno is a Director of Summerleaze Ltd, which is involved in the construction materials, property, waste management and energy sectors. For most of his thirty years with the company, Bruno’s main focus has been renewable energy – firstly, the generation of electricity from landfill gas, and then the supply of wood pellets for heating. He is also a member of the IEA Board of Trustees.

This episode is part of the IEA’s ‘Zeroing In: Free market approaches to the 2050 target’ series, looking at how free marketeers should approach the Government’s target for net zero carbon emissions by 2050.