Will Coronavirus bankrupt football?

Football in 2020 will look quite different to football in 2019. No fans in the stadium, bubbles for the team and backroom staff, and a much higher chance of seeing a game on free-to-view TV.

What does that mean for a game worth billions of pounds? Is it possible to run a football club without fans paying on the gate or do we run the risk of bankrupting dozens on clubs nationwide? Can you run a socially distanced football game? And should the pandemic mean we see the back of the Saturday 3pm broadcast ban?

Emma Revell, IEA Head of Communications, is joined by Mark Littlewood, IEA Director General and a long-time season ticket holder at Southampton, Head of Education Dr Steve Davies with the dedication to Manchester City he takes so seriously he’s wearing a City pin in his official IEA headshot, and Editorial and Research Fellow Professor Len Shackleton who supports the mighty Southport FC.