UK-US tariffs and the Airbus-Boeing dispute

The long running trade dispute between Airbus and Boeing has far wider reaching implications than some might expect. The tussle between the world’s two largest manufacturers of commercial aircraft also has an impact on the price of other goods including British goods such as bed linen, luxury clothing, biscuits, whisky and other alcoholic tipples.

Why? After a recent World Trade Organisation ruling against Airbus, the US government decided to levy import taxes on imports from the EU including from the UK, given that the UK is a partner in Airbus with France, Germany and Spain.

How did we arrive at the present situation? Why is the US not showing more goodwill towards the UK, given the “special relationship”? As the UK and US negotiate a FTA, how much faith can we put in early harvest measures?

IEA Academic and Research Director Professor Syed Kamall is joined by CEO of Competere Shanker Singham and the Cato Institute’s Dan Ikenson to discuss the Boeing-Airbus battle, tariff retaliation and the UK-US FTA.

Read Shanker’s recent report, “How the UK can deal with Tariff Retaliation: The Boeing-Airbus Fallout” here.