THINK 2016: Timandra Harkness on “Humans v Robots: Will They Take Our Jobs?”

Watch Timandra Harkness deliver her THINK 2016 talk: “Humans v Robots: Will They Take Our Jobs?”

Are most of the jobs we now have going to be automated away – and not replaced? If so what are the implications? Should we panic or welcome this? How would an economist view the disappearance of work? Alternatively, is this just another automation panic like many before it? How will our lives be changed by the AI and robotics revolutions?

Timandra Harkness is a science writer, broadcaster and comedian, who has been writing and performing on scientific, mathematical and statistical topics since the latter days of the 20th Century.

Timandra is a regular on BBC Radio 4, writing and presenting BBC Radio 4’s FutureProofing series and documentaries such as Data, Data Everywhere, and Personality Politics. She’s also resident reporter on social psychology series The Human Zoo.

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