THINK 2016: “Behavioural Economics: An Introduction” by Paul Ormerod

Watch Paul Ormerod’s introduction to behavioural economics at our THINK 2016 conference!

What exactly is ‘behavioural economics’ and what are its main insights? Should it lead us to be sceptical of politics and government as well as markets, in fact generally sceptical about claims for rationality and knowledge? How useful is it and can we apply those insights in commerce and public policy? Is ‘nudge’ an interesting idea or a dangerous one?

Paul is an economist, author and entrepreneur. He is currently a director of two start ups, Periander Ltd, a company which uses machine learning and predictive analytics, and of Cowry Consulting, a behavioural finance operation. He is a partner of Volterra Partners LLP, and a Visiting Professor in the Centre of Research on Decision Making at University College London (UCL).

He has published 4 best-selling books, “Death of Economics” (1994), “Butterfly Economics” (1998), “Why Most Things Fail” (2005) and “Positive Linking: How networks can revolutionise the world” (2012).

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