The UK’s Indo-Pacific Trade Policy Tilt | #ThinkTent2021

The Conservative’s post Brexit international trade strategy is notably focused on the Indo-Pacific. The framework behind the UK’s first post-Brexit FTA with Japan looks set to form the basis of the UK’s agreement with the CPTPP. With a deal reached with Australia, and a New Zealand agreement high on the Government’s trade agenda, the UK’s strategic and trade tilt toward the Indo-Pacific is clear, but can this strategy deliver economic benefits at home? Which sectors and which countries should be prioritised? What does Government and business need to do to support export and investment across the UK and adapt respectively?

00:00-05:10 – Mark Littlewood’s Opening Remarks
05:10-11:02 – Shanker Singham’s Opening Remarks
11:02-15:03 – Aniskha Jelicich’s Opening Remarks
15:03-21:54 – HE George Brandis QC’s Opening Remarks
21:54-28:44 – Lord Bilimoria’s Opening Remarks
28:44-32:16 – The Prospect of a UK-India trade deal.
32:16-36:42 – Future free trade with Australia.
36:42- 39:12 – The role of businesses in promoting free trade.
39:12-43:42 – The opinion of the business community towards free trade.
43:42 – 1:01:34 – Open floor questions

Mark Littlewood (Chair), Director-General of the Institute of Economic Affairs
Lord Bilimoria, President of the CBI
The Hon George Brandis, Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom
Anishka Jelicich. Public Affairs Director for Pernod Ricard
Shanker Singham, Chief Executive Officer of Competere