The new wave of tech regulation: privacy and security implications

Mikołaj Barczentewicz joined the School of Law at the University of Surrey in 2017. His research spans technology law and policy, applications of technology in legal practice and research, UK and EU public law, and legal philosophy. Mikołaj approaches those topics combining traditional methods of law and philosophy with computational methods, building on his experience as a professional computer programmer.

Mikołaj is also a Research Associate of the University of Oxford Centre for Technology and Global Affairs, a Research Associate of the University of Oxford Programme for the Foundations of Law and Constitutional Government, and a Fellow of the Stanford Law School and University of Vienna Transatlantic Technology Law Forum.

This is a recording of a speech given at a joint Institute of Economic Affairs and Information Technology and Innovation Foundation conference called ‘The Meaning of Competition: Assertive Antitrust Enforcement and The Digital Economy’ on Thursday 4th November 2021.