The Future of UK-India Trade – Shanker Singham

India is at a crossroads. As the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson prepares to meet Indian leaders virtually, he promises an Enhanced Trade Partnership, possibly leading to a full Free Trade Agreement (FTA). There are important commercial reasons for this agreement, but perhaps more importantly, there are powerful geopolitical reasons. India could be brought into an alignment of nations including the CPTPP (Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership) members as a bulwark against the negative impact of China’s market distortions and security policies. A new publication from the Institute of Economic Affairs – ‘Eastern Promise: Assessing The Future of UK-India Trade’ authored by Shanker Singham assesses the potential for and future of UK-India Trade. READ THE PUBLICATION HERE – Shanker Singham is Chief Executive Officer of Competere, Chairman of Global Vision and an academic fellow of the Institute of Economic Affairs.