The Case for Ticket Resale

The resale of tickets has been around for as long as humans have charged entry to events. Evidence of ticket ‘touting’ goes all the way back to Ancient Rome.

In the 21st century though, it’s becoming an increasingly controversial practice.

Companies like Viagogo, Seatwave and Stubhub now offer tickets to otherwise hard-to-reach events – but, often, at a hefty price.

Today on our podcast, IEA News Editor Kate Andrews interviews Dr Steve Davies, the IEA’s Head of Education and author of new report Digital Resellers: The case for Secondary Ticket Markets.

Steve believes that ticket resale is simply one aspect of the ‘Sharing Economy’ which enables voluntary transactions to take place between willing buyers and sellers. Those who aim to resell tickets for a profit, Steve argues, are themselves taking on considerable risk.

We examine the economics, and the morality, of ticket resale, and take a look at the way artists like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Madonna use market mechanisms to sell their products.”

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