Should the UK have a codified constitution? | Markets and Morality | Ep.21

After the political upheavals of the week, this new Markets & Morality episode explored whether there is a need for a codified constitution in the United Kingdom.

Host and Director of EPICENTER Adam Bartha welcomed Dr Austen Morgan, a Barrister at Law in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and Sam Collins, our Senior Advisor to the IEA’s Director General to the conversation.

Dr Morgan argued that after the constitutional crises during the Brexit process made it clear that the UK needs a codified constitution and said that a new government after the general elections should make this a priority.

Sam on the other hand argued that a codified constitution could lead to more centralisation of power and that the democratic mechanism of the UK, albeit imperfect, are able to deal with upcoming challenges better than if we uprooted our whole constitutional arrangement.