Should classical liberals give up on NHS reform?

Classical liberals have been arguing for reform of the National Health Service for years, but – for a variety of reasons – haven’t got very far. The IEA published a report entitled ‘Universal Healthcare Without the NHS’ which looks at international examples of social insurance models which deliver must better outcomes and put patients at the centre of the system yet criticism persists that anyone wanting to reform the NHS wants to privatise it by the back door or introduce a US-style system.

Emma Revell, IEA Head of Communications, speaks to Dr Kristian Niemietz, Head of Political Economy and author of ‘Universal Healthcare Without the NHS’, and Sam Bowman, Director of Competition Policy at the International Center for Law and Economics and Senior Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute to talk about the future of NHS reform. ‘Universal Healthcare without the NHS’ is available here. Kristian’s blog asking whether classical liberals should abandon reform is available here.