Parallax Views with Rumy Hasan

Parallax Views is a new series of YouTube conversations between Marc Glendening (Head of Cultural Affairs, IEA) and individuals involved with and interested in the various Culture War issues now taking centre stage in British politics. These talks cover issues relating to free speech, ‘hate crime’, political re-alignment, the ideologies driving cancel culture and the demand for greater state control over civil society. Rumy Hasan is a senior lecturer at SPRU, University of Sussex, in Brighton, UK. His core specialism (following a doctorate in transition economics at Oxford in 1994) was the political economy of the former Eastern bloc countries. Later, he began to teach and research the East Asian economies, including China; and also transnational corporations. But since the events of 7/7 2005, his work has focused more on issues relating to multiculturalism, multifaithism, and social cohesion; and the nexus between religion (especially Islam) identity, and society. He is also interested in the rise of Islamic radicalism and how it can be tackled. Marc Glendening is Head of Cultural Affairs at the Institute of Economic Affairs. Before that he worked for Policy Exchange focusing on freedom of speech related issues and the political implications of human rights law. In 2011 he co-founded as political director of the cross-party Democracy Movement, the People’s Pledge. This campaigned for a referendum on the question of EU membership and included politicians and others with contrary views on Brexit.