Lockdown limbo: Which way out? – #IEAsolation Episode 4

The UK is nearing the end of the initial 3-week lockdown announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but there is no end in sight.

Many expect the current restrictions to be extending but there are growing voices clamouring for a relaxation of the rules, arguing the lockdown was an overreaction and is doing unnecessary damage to the economy.

But is this right? Is short-term economic damage justified if it helps flatten the curve of coronavirus infections and save lives?

Or are we underestimating the damage caused by the lockdown? The impact on our mental health, the increased risk of domestic abuse and reports of people avoiding seeking medical attention for other ailments because of a fear of contracting coronavirus?

And if the lockdown does end, how? Can other countries around the world show us the way out?

Joining the IEA’s Head of Communications, Emma Revell, to discuss the topic is Sam Bowman, Director of Competition Policy at the International Center for Law and Economics, and Julian Jessop, IEA Economics Fellow.

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