Live with Littlewood – June 21st, The BBC’s future + more | Ep.42

We would like to apologise for the audio issues at the beginning of this show. The audio issues are fixed at 14:10. Thank you for your support! BECOME AN IEA ONLINE PATRON HERE – On this episode of Live with Littlewood, Mark is joined by MIKE GRAHAM, PRESENTER, TALKRADIO SUZANNE MOORE, COLUMNIST, THE TELEGRAPH REBECCA RYAN, CAMPAIGN DIRECTOR, DEFUND THE BBC PROFESSOR LEN SHACKLETON, EDITORIAL AND RESEARCH FELLOW, IEA CHRISTOPHER SNOWDON, HEAD OF LIFESTYLE ECONOMICS, IEA They discuss: 1.Fearing freedom: Should the roadmap be delayed? 2. Bouncing back: Are we set for a glorious economic recovery? 3. Orwellian overreach: Do curbs on advertising harm free speech?