Live with Littlewood | Another Pandemic? What will Freedom Day look like? + more | Ep.48

On this week’s Live with Littlewood, Mark is joined by: Dr Steve Davies – Head of Education, Institute of Economic Affairs Dominic Frisby – Financial Writer and Comedian ( @Money, Markets & More with Dominic Frisby   @Dominic Frisby Comedy Videos  ) Mike Graham – Presenter, TalkRadio ( @talkRADIO  ) Tim Montgomerie – Conservative Pundit and Reaction contributor Tom Whipple – Science Editor, Times Joanna Williams – Head of Education and Culture, Policy Exchange They’ll be discussing: 1. With freedom day going ahead but confused government communication, the question on everyone’s mind is ‘to mask or not to mask?’ 2. As lockdown is easing in the UK, we look at what is happening with covid beyond our fair isles? 3. Despite the vaccine success, is another pandemic just around the corner?