Live from Lord North Street – 2016: A Year in Review

IEA staff join IEA News Editor Kate Andrews (chair) to discuss all of the surprises and upsets in 2016, what these revelations will mean for the new year.

First, we hear from IEA Director General Mark Littlewood and Digital Officer Madeline Grant join in to discuss the unforeseen triumph of the campaign to leave the European Union.

After that we hear from Communications Director Stephanie Lis and Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon on the aftermath of the Brexit vote, particularly concerning the new government that has risen up because of it.

And finally, Mark joins in again with Kate to talk about how America ‘made politics interesting again.’

Also hear from Mark, Maddie, Stephanie and Christopher about their favorite moments, statistics, and ‘Person of the Year’ in 2016, as well as their best prediction for 2017.