In Conversation with Dominic Frisby

The IEA is delighted to host British author, financial writer and expert, comedian, actor, and prominent libertarian figure, Dominic Frisby, for our latest episode in our In Conversation series with senior figures in public life. As a financial writer, Dominic writes a weekly investment column for Moneyweek, as well as occasional pieces for the Guardian, Aeon, Virgin, and the Independent. He has written three notable books as an author: “Life After the State”, “Bitcoin: The Future of Money” and most recently, “Daylight Robbery: How Tax Shaped Our Past And Will Change Our Future”. However, Dominic doesn’t just put forward his economic thoughts through his skills as an author. With his writing being accompanied by musical talent and comedic genius, Dominic has become one of the most prominent libertarian voices of our time. Notable mentions would include his album “Libertarian Love Songs” and his most recently, his work “Anthems for the Excommunicated”. Dominic has also featured in a series of films and television shows, alongside being a prolific voice actor. He is a popular name in the UK’s stand-up comedy scene, being a notable resident MC at London comedy clubs. Dominic is also the President and CEO of privacy investment company, Cypherpunk Holdings. Dominic joins us to speak on the political landscape, his latest book, and more.