#IEAsolation Episode 5: Covid-19: Should China pay the price?

In the fifth episode of the #IEAsolation series, the panel consider the conduct of the Chinese government in the weeks after the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

China has been widely criticised for covering up the initial outbreak and has since adopted “mask diplomacy,” sending medical supplies and flying Chinese medical teams to foreign countries to help them fight Covid-19.

Some have argued that the Chinese Communist Party must be held to account for its misconduct and that the international community should find ways to seek financial compensation from the Chinese regime.

Joining Emily Carver, IEA Media Manager, is Dr Steve Davies, IEA Head of Education, and Sam Armstrong, Head of Communications at the Henry Jackson Society and co-author of ‘Coronavirus Compensation? Assessing China’s Potential Culpability and Avenues of Legal Response’.