#IEAsolation Episode 2: Thatcherism under fire: Can the ideology survive COVID-19?

The media got very excited yesterday about a line in Boris Johnson’s recent video update, where he says the country’s response to Covid-19 shows “there really is such a thing as society.”

Immediately journalists jumped upon the remark as if to say this signals a step change from Thatcherite “no such thing as society” mantra.

But for the Telegraph Online, the IEA’s Head of Regulatory Affairs, Victoria Hewson, has argued that, in reality, Mrs Thatcher’s comments about individuals taking responsibility for their own actions have been taken out of context.

What do today’s guests, Victoria Hewson and the IEA’s Head of Political Economy Kristian Niemietz interpret the comments as meaning? Is there such a thing as society?

And what does Boris Johnson’s apparent rejection of the year’s of Margaret Thatcher’s pro-market policies for the economy mean for the UK economy and its recovery post-coronavirus?