DEBATE: Does transgender ideology threaten liberal values?

Debates surrounding gender identity have gained prominence in the last few years.

Trans rights activists have argued that trans people have a right to be recognised as their preferred gender in both the private and public spheres and that the law should protect this right.

Gender critical groups, however, claim that efforts to undermine single sex spaces put women’s safety at risk while attempts to police language on this issue constitute a threat freedom of speech.

This panel event disentangled this debate by giving speakers from both sides the opportunity to present their case for whether transgender ideology is necessary outgrowth of liberal values, or a threat to them.

On the Panel:

Peter Tatchell – Human rights campaigner and activist.

Freda Wallace – Political commentator, freelance writer and host of the Gender Nebulous podcast.

Helen Joyce – Former finance editor at the Economist, author of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality and director of advocacy at Sex Matters.

Marc Glendening – Head of Cultural affairs at the IEA and author of the Transgender Ideology report published by the IEA in August.

The panel was chaired by Matthew Lesh, Director of Public Policy and Communications at the IEA.