Britain Unlimited?: 30 Ideas for 2030 | #ThinkTent21

As we get beyond both Brexit and Covid – issues which have dominated political attention for much of the last decade – future policy direction is one of the most important questions facing the Conservative Party. That is where we come in. The Free Market Forum aims to incubate and promote ideas to make Britain economically and socially freer, boosting the economic opportunities for jobs and growth for all parts of Britain.

You can read the full ’30 Ideas for 2030′ paper here:


Sam Collins (Chair), Policy Advisor to Mark Littlewood at the Institute of Economic Affairs.

Matthew Elliott, Senior Political Advisor to Shore Capital.

Alys Denby, Deputy Editor of CapX.

Greg Smith MP, Conservative MP for Buckingham.

Alison Cork, Founder and CEO of the online brand and Founder of Make it Your Business.