2 thoughts on “Explaining China’s economic miracle”

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    Brilliant by Dr Zitelmann.
    That was an enjoyable read with super links.

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    Neither economic growth nor sustainability will be possible in any place that minimises the curiosity of the younger half of its population about how this greatest economic miracle ever was achieved and its continuing exponential impacts. Almost two thirds of people are Asian as my father normanmacrae.net lifelong stories at The Economist sought to integrate beyond the way that until world war 2 mainly white empires had engineered the world. There is a deep irony that Glasgow has staged both the first and last chance to apply engines to prevent extinction but apparently not one of the 100 most powerful english-speaking decision-makers at Glasgow aligns his reputation to mapping the basic constructs of Adam Smith. Remarkably Smith (175 years ahead of Einstein and Von Neumann) saw man-made market systems as interfacing with nature and health systems – he would fail all those who design global market sector to take over from nature’s purposes. Back in 1984 , out book 2025report.com tried to offer the debating constructs needed to include every community in how global tech and local cultural morals were integrated and valued b every teacher & student. Clearly, we did an inadequate job but if there is any residual purpose of the economics profession it should do the maths on why extinction irreversibility kicks in from 2030. But do it believing 20 something graduates have the technology to do this if we make the 2020s earth races as pivotal to youth’s belief in human endeavour as 1960s space race.

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