Inflation: The next threat?


  • 18/06/2020
    13:00 - 14:00
In a new briefing paper, Dr Juan Castañeda and Professor Tim Congdon examine whether central banks are heedless of the inflation risks inherent in monetary financing of the much-enlarged government deficits.

What are the risks of central banks following the so-called ‘New Keynesian Model’ consensus? Do central bank economists ignore changes in the quantity of money, with many believing that monetary policy is defined exclusively by interest rates?

How will large government deficits be paid for? Will the extremely high growth rates of money now being seen, often into the double digits at an annual percentage rate, instigate an inflationary boom? The world of money and central banking seems to be changing by the day – but there are still inescapable laws in economics we should not forget.

Also joining the discussion is Professor Geoffrey Wood, Emeritus Professor of Monetary Economics at the University of Buckingham. Dr Juan Castañeda is Director of the Institute of International Monetary Research, which is based at the University of Buckingham. Professor Tim Congdon is an economist and businessman, who has for over 40 years argued in the UK policy debate that banking and money can have powerful influences on macroeconomic outcomes. He is currently chairman of the Institute of International Monetary Research, which he founded in 2014.

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