1 thought on “Don’t ditch Universal Credit, fix it”

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    Child benefit changes prove that simplicity and ‘making work pay’ were not the drivers of Universal Credit but the disciplining of people into ‘work mode’. Once child benefit, now child tax credits cost 1p in the £ to administer. Cheap and in spite of its not being means tested/targeted it reached the children it was supposed to. Child benefit was everything that Universal Credit was supposed to be but it did not enforce women’s dependence on men, it was not a lesson in morality -profligate pregnancies are not allowed. Universal benefit -simplicity imposed on complex families, a moral, and brutal lesson -what next the stocks, a nail driven through women’s tongues -Universal Credit is a benefit for the dark ages along with drowning supposed whiches, stocks for sexually active women outside of marriage and, or a nail through women’s tounges when they spoke out inappropriately. Once a single parent could claim single parent premium and if part of their maisonette was in an attic hard to heat allowance. The poorest of the poor, single parents on benefits have lost out by over £12 per week. Worst of all benefits are withdrawn at a rate of 63p in the pound. Universal Benefit is Ian Duncan Smith’s attempt to reduce and contain complex family life into a navy barracks baran, strict, formality. It is not the implementation but the philosophy which is diluvian that is the problem, non male, non English, binary person

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