5 thoughts on “Cuba: a story of socialist failure”

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    Cuba opened the socialist road in the America’s with the first big military defeat in the America’s of the Greatest Military Empire in the history of the world. Sixty years later the revolution is still moving forward despite all the predictions of Bourgeois Professors at the elite Universities of the Empire.

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    GDP is fundamentally NOT the way to measure the economic success of socialist nations now…is it.
    Manufacturing consent as per usual

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    This is what Trump wants for America. He wants to govern everyone here he wants to get rid of Democrats he wants to run the banks run out of food he wants to run everything. So someone should make a commercial and show what Trump is like. Do you want to be like Cuba well look at this this is what Trump wants and you people are allowing him to get it. Someone out there make a commercial. Make the commercial show what happen on January 6 this is what Trump asked for this is what he got. I will die soon but my children will have to look at this and go through this. All these Republicans then are lying about what happen on January 6, 2021 they should be voted out. Why do we need them why are we paying them their salaries they trying to stop people from voting so get rid of them we don’t need them. This should go out as of next month you put it on TV just like Trump has been lying for the past four years he’s brainwashing. So someone should do that with the commercial start now so Republicans are out in 2022. And until they don’t go back with true values they should never win another election. Look what they did to Cheney for telling the truth she is a good woman a lot of people are praying for her. She has good values like the old days. Trump it’s only doing what his father taught him to lie and brainwash people and boy has he brainwashed a lot of the country. Make the commercial make the commercial make the commercial start now brainwash people just like trump. Brainwash them with the truth that’s what the problem is the truth lets the lies go on and they’re silent.

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    Socialism is and always has been an extremely attractive political agenda, appealing to youth, and many who espouse a “sharing” of the advantages of a successful Society so as to benefit all. Unfortunately, Socialism still STILL relies upon OPM, Other Peoples’ Money, to continue the Socialist, sharing for the good of all, programs. Therein lies the problem, what to do when the OPM is no longer there, is insufficient to continue the Utopia-like promises. Cuba relied upon massive help from the USSR to fund its Socialism. When that was stopped, Cuba foundered, having made absolutely no plans re how to survive on its own.

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    There’s no mention of the crippling US blockade and sanctions on Cuba. Everything has been done by the US to make sure that Socialism cannot succeed. It’s the obsession of the Capitalist empire to smash everything that could prove there is a better system to live under. Do you really think we are that stupid?

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