1 thought on “Covid-19 is bursting the bubble in higher education”

  1. Posted 16/08/2020 at 14:56 | Permalink

    Very thought provoking piece, which explains why I come across high-flying financial people who graduated in english lit or geography. So where do we go from here, though? If degrees are merely another signalling device, will A-levels suffice (not this year of course) and turn Universities into (much) smaller research institutions? Or channel school leavers into VS(O) with a graded certificate to act as a signalling device? A switch of general emphsis to vocational type courses might improve matters at the margin re the skills-based model. But for the time being I like the suggestion (made by Ryan Bourne) that the Instiution should be responsibility for charging students so that the fee-income stream becomes part of their funding, giving them an incentive to place students in courses with better earning prospects (and therefore train them for more productive roles).

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